Main Causes of Joint Pain

Why Do My Joints Hurt?

Well that’s a question that has multiple answers. There are many causes to joint pain. Let’s take a look at a few together…

Joint Pain Can Be Caused By:


Something I know too well and is very straightforward. Any sprains or twists to your joints can have lingering joint pain. Here are just a some examples… knee pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, pain relief

  • Twisted Ankle
  • Sprained Fingers
  • Hip Dislocation
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Knee Sprain


There are several different types of arthritis (over 100!) and several millions of people have some form of it.

Although most mistake it being solely correlated with old age, it can be found in over 300, 000 children.

At its simplest description it is a painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.


Shoulder Pain Bursitis joint pain reliefThis is a condition linked specifically to the bursae. The bursae is a small fluid-filled sac near your joints.

Your bursae can get irritated and swollen do to overuse of the joint whether through repetitive actions or sudden hits.

This causes extra weight and pressure on your joints and can cause severe joint pain.



There are so many different causes to joint pain and If you’re looking for joint pain relief, have a look at my review of Joint Advance Here.